Eptikar Announces: OpenNGO

Eptikar Announces: OpenNGO

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Community service has always been one of our goals. But as easy as it is to say you want to help people, its much harder to actually do. One of the tough questions is how we as a company could use our skills and abilities to benefit others. And then, it hit us! Help people who are already helping people, make it easier for them to do what they're doing. From that, was born OpenNGO.

NGOs are a pretty diverse group. They have all kinds of goals and structures, but a key is right in the name: Organization. NGOs need to be organized. Some of Eptikar's team have had volunteer work experience, and have seen first hand how hard it is for an NGO to keep a group of people on point and focused, keep morale up, track progress on your projects and activities, and report all of this to your stakeholders.

OpenNGO is designed to help with all of these tasks, make them as easy as possible, keep a flow of information going inside and outside the organization, while being as flexible as possible and allowing for a variety of approaches.

OpenNGO is currently in private-beta and we are moving quickly to first stable release with the help of the Sudanese Enviromental Conservation Society who are using it in day-to-day activites and providing us with feedback. If you'd like to be an early adopter go ahead and fill OpenNGO sign up form.

All the work is open source and released on github, and we welcome contributions from all. In fact, we've left one task around for an interested open source enthusiast...

love note to trello

We love Trello at Eptikar, it has helped us a lot with our day to day work. We wanted to add Trello integration to OpenNGO to hopefully help increase NGO productivity like it did for us.

We wanted to link the projects , activities and tasks with Trello boards. We've already gone ahead with linking boards and projects, but we've left connecting the activities and cards open on github. Give it a look if you want to contribute! If you're a local developer (here in Sudan) and complete this task in a satisfactory manner, we will offer you a paid internship, and the opportunity to join our team, so give it your best shot.